UK Vinyl Sales Heading For Best Year In Three Decades

UK vinyl sales hit a three-decade high as sales are fuelled by lockdown restrictions.

Music by Numbers 2020 report reveals music industry’s £5.8bn boost to economy before Covid-19 hit

The UK Music annual report shows impressive growth in the UK music industry before pandemic hit.

Noisy Women Podcast Heads Into Season 2

The podcast Noisy Women that focuses on conversations with female voices in the music industry returns for season 2.

5 Ways To Support Artists During The Pandemic

Artists need your support more than ever, here are 5 simple ways to do so.

Bandcamp Announce Live Streaming Service

Bandcamp Announce Bandcamp Live a ticketed streaming service.

How Brexit Might Affect U.K Artists Looking To Tour In The EU

Brexit is just round the corner and this may mean huge changes for U.K artists looking to tour in the EU.

How The Music PR Landscape Is Changing

The Music PR landscape is changing and is putting power into the hands of emerging artists.