Artists on Spotify: Get loads more stats on your music and listeners now

Spotify are giving artists even more access to their analytics and statistics with loads more data on your music being made available.

Spotify understand, “being an artist is a lot of work. You work your fingers to the bone to write, record, tour, and release music. When you make a decision or release new music, you need to easily understand what’s working and what’s not.” Spotify are here for the independent artists, and that’s why they are now giving loads more information on artists’ music.

Data on all of your music

We used to only display data on your songs that cracked 1000 streams. As of today, you can now see stats for your top 200 songs, no matter how many times they’ve been streamed, so you can track your releases from day one.

Introducing time filters

This is a cool one: You can now filter your data by what happened in the past seven days, 28 days, and two years. (This data starts on January 1, 2015, or from whenever your music first shows up on Spotify.) You can use these filters to see how your work has paid off. Was it worth it to hire that PR guy, or do that AMA on Reddit? Now you can find out. We’ve also added an all-time artist streams and listeners graph, so you can track the total streams and listeners of all your songs combined, as far back as 2015. Super cool.

Followers are being added to your data

With a new timeline to measure your followers, it’s easier than ever to focus on growing those followers. You remember followers: Your most engaged listeners, who like you enough to click that little green “follow” button on your profile page. Think of your followers as your mailing list on Spotify: they get updates about you before anyone else. Once a listener follows you, your music automatically shows up in their Release Radar, a weekly personalized playlist, out every Friday, of new releases from artists listeners follow, or listen to the most. They also get your concert recommendation emails when you come through their town. (You can learn more about getting the most out of concerts on Spotify right here.)

Just a note, we always recommend you focus on growing your follower count. One of the easiest ways to do that is to ask people to follow you through your social media accounts, or to shout it out from the stage. Just a thought. We’ve also got a follow button you can embed on your website to make it easier for your fans to find and follow you. You can learn more about that right here.

No more ‘Fans’ category

You told us the “fans” metric was a little confusing, so we’re removing that stat for now. We’ll keep finding better ways to show you different levels of engagement among your audience. Followers is the first step, but we’ll keep developing new ways to show you different ways people are listening.

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