Apple Music preparing to launch in Korea

Korean outlets have reported that Apple are almost ready to launch their music streaming service Apple Music over there.

An official  in Korea (South Korea that is) for the Federation of Korean Music Performers has revealed that Apple’s incredibly popular music streaming service will be launching their soon. The official says: “We formed a contract with Apple Music to begin streaming service here. We made agreements on how to pay the copyright fees to the artists.”

The official said they couldn’t discuss terms of the contract as there as still agreements to be made, particularly with local music distributors. Apple are also yet to finalise agreements with the Korea Music Copyright Association and the Recording Industry Association of Korea and similar bodies.

There’s no timeframe as to when Apple might finalise deals to launch in South Korea but with progress on the way Apple likely don’t want to delay. South Korea will join over 100 markets across the globe where Apple Music is available to sign up for unlimited music streaming, exclusive music, and other benefits.

When it launches South Korea will have access to Apple Music’s extensive music library of over 30 million songs which will presumably also include Korean Pop, or K-Pop, the genre marking Korea’s place in the world music map.

Apple Music has been a runaway success since it launched last June earning 15 million subscribers in it’s first year. For comparison that’s half of streaming giant Spotify’s roughly 30 million paying users that they’ve spent 8 years building.

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