Apple Music launch ‘My Chill Mix’ playlist for… just chilling

Apple Music have launched a brand new personalised playlist for listeners and this one is all about chillin’ out maxin’, relaxin’ all cool.

Apple have launched their third playlist of regularly updated music tailored around your tastes and listening history. My Chill Mix is a self-explanatory playlist of music for winding down and chilling to, with 25 new moody tracks offered up to you every Sunday.

The chilled collection joins My New Music Mix and My Favourites Mix as personalised playlists that are updated regularly. My New Music Mix presents a list of newly released music that is recommended based on your tastes whilst My Favourites Mix features a selection of your previously listened to music alongside recommended releases.

My Chill Mix is currently only available to certain users however Apple plan to roll it out to further audiences over the summer. Reviews so far are mixed saying that Apple Music offers up a decent selection of recommendations however noted more hit-and-miss than Discover Weekly by Spotify. Apple will no doubt be improving the playlists’ selections as it goes on.

For those who have access to it you can find your Chill Mix at the top of the ‘For You’ section.

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