Apple Music just got a feature on the Android app before iOS

A new update to Apple Music brings new ways to share music, Autoplay, and a brand new feature that Apple haven’t introduced on their own devices yet.

The Apple Music app on Android has just gained some new features which the iOS version has had for a while. But interestingly, for perhaps the first time the Android version has gained a new feature before Apple’s own iOS devices.

The feature in question is Crossfade. When selected, it creates a fade between the end of the song that’s playing and the next one as it starts. It’s supposed to prevent any awkward pauses between songs in your queue so that silence doesn’t break up your stream.

The option for Crossfade is available on Mac already but Apple’s iOS and iPadOS devices haven’t been updated with it yet. However it is now available on the latest version of Apple Music on Android 5.0 or higher.

Beyond their exclusive new feature, the Android app has gained Autoplay. This allows Apple Music to continue your stream of music automatically after your queue ends based on what it thinks you’ll want to listen to next.

Users will now be able to share what they’re listening to on Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat through the Share Song feature. There are also updates to the app’s layout and supposedly “improved app performance”.

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