Apple Music Features Review and What to Expect

Apple Music, the new music streaming service from Apple, is set to release later today, so what can we expect from it?

Of course the main feature of Apple Music will be the more than 30 million tracks they have on offer to stream and take offline with you. Apple plan to continue adding to their music library with tens of thousands of additions each day and the promise of a greater emphasis on indie artists from Apple.

On top of all the tracks Apple have to offer you can also access your personal iTunes library through the iCloud with what is essentially iTunes Match integrated into the new service. These can all be accessed in the “My Music” section where your iTunes collection and streaming catalog are stored and can be played including any playlists you have created or saved.

Now this is all fairly standard for a music streaming service but Apple has a few new tricks up it’s sleeve to entice you into it’s new service.

The first new feature is Apple’s curated playlists which provides playlists based on your listening and your previously purchased music. What sets Apple’s playlists apart from other services recommendations is that they are actually curated by 300 human editors and don’t rely solely on computer algorithms. All these suggestions and playlists will be under the flattering “For You” section of the app.

"For You" in Apple Music
“For You” in Apple Music

The second big new feature coming with Apple Music is also possibly it’s most ambitious. Beats 1 – a 24-hour radio station launching with Apple Music will feature three famous DJs who will regularly host their own shows as well as a massive selection of artists coming in for guest spots and feature shows. Popular UK radio presenter Zane Lowe will be one of the regular presenters kicking off his Apple Music debut with an interview with Eminem.

Apple’s new app will also come with a “Connect” section in which artists can post photos, videos etc. and their fans can respond to them, like social media dedicated to artists and their fanbases.

As anyone who has used music streaming services will know a large part of their brilliance is the ability to discover music with ease, well in addition to the playlists and recommendations Apple gives you they have a “New” section where you can discover the best new music suggested by curators such as DJs to promote discovery of music. The “New” section will contain music videos, top tracks, lists defined by genre and more. So you won’t run out of music to listen to with Apple Music.

"New" in Apple Music
“New” in Apple Music

Apple Music will cost $9.99 a month, or $15.99 for the family plan which you can add up to 6 people on, and will be available upon release on iPhones, iPads, Macs and even Windows PCs. Apple also plan to make Apple Music available for Android users later this year as well as continuing to add features such as lyrics.


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