Apple Music blows other streaming services off the charts with it’s mobile success

Nielsen have revealed that Apple Music’s mobile app was the most popular music streaming app for all of 2016, coming 9th in the top smartphone apps of the year.

Nielsen’s app analytics have revealed the top smartphones of 2016 and reveals which music streaming service is leading, at least in app user numbers. Apple Music came 9th with over 68 million average unique users, beaten out by 8 apps owned between only Facebook and Google.

Apple Music is Apple Music’s streaming service launched in 2015 to brilliant subscription numbers despite criticism of the service’s design and user interface. In the year and a half since launching Apple Music have solidified themselves as one of the world’s dominant streamers, given their service a much-needed design update and acquired 20 million subscribers.

However, without wanting to burst Apple’s bubble, the comparison of subscriber numbers to unique app users shows that it’s usage doesn’t necessarily translate into subscribers. As Apple Music also now comes as the default music app on new iPhones, iPads and iPod Touches they’ve probably gotten a large boost from the millions of iPhones in circulation. Apple’s user numbers are still impressive however, beating those of older services like Deezer and Tidal.

Just in case you felt like Apple aren’t already plenty successful enough Nielsen also found out what percentage of the smartphone market uses Apple iOS. According to their findings in the 3rd quarter of 2016 Apple’s iOS was used by 45% of the smartphone market. Not quite Android’s 53% but considering iOS is exclusive to iPhone’s only it’s an impressive feat.

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