Apple Music Beats 1 radio host Zane Lowe sees multiple stations in Beats 1’s future

Renowned radio DJ and head of Beats 1, Zane Lowe has revealed in an interview what he sees in the future of Apple’s 24-7 online radio station; even more stations.

Zane Lowe, one of music’s most influential radio DJs following a 10+ year run as one of BBC Radio 1’s top brass and now the head of Apple’s critically lauded online radio station Beats 1, spoke to CNET recently at SXSW following his keynote speech, sharing his visions for the future of Apple Music and Beats 1.

Speaking on how the station has advanced in it’s almost 2 years of existence saying that’s it advanced beyond radio into streaming, saying:

We try to make as much noise and create as much context and tell stories for records and artists, within a place where the music is. Imagine Apple Music as a store. We’re the front window. We’re the thing you see by the counter. We try and put music into a frame that makes you more excited about it, more than just its existence.

You could put the record in a playlist, put it in a library, just let it exist and hopefully we find it. But culture is what the artist wants it to be. They want to create layers of thought, excitement and vision, and tell you how the record was made. They want to share that experience with you. That’s what Beats 1 really is designed to do. It was to keep pace with the culture, so that it goes perfectly with the commodity.

Lowe was careful not to share too much about more Beats 1 stations in the future, saying just that:

All those discussions are being had right now. Until we have something — you’ve said it before, Apple will go and work on things, and they present it when they feel it’s right. That’s the answer. We’re working on it.

Less transparency on that part. That’s where the old Apple comes into play.

You can read Zane Lowe’s full interview with CNET here.

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