Apple Music and iTunes upload schedule for the holiday season 2020

Apple have released their upload schedule for the holiday period this year. If you’ve got an upcoming release to schedule, make sure you know the dates.

These deadlines from Apple outline the dates they will be uploading over the next few months leading up to the holidays and the new year. This applies to Apple Music and iTunes.

Please bear in mind RouteNote’s moderation times and delivery on top of the dates provided by outline. Moderation for a straight approval will take between 3-5 days and delivery can take up to a week after approval.

Release Date

November 27, 2020

December 4, 2020

December 11, 2020

December 18, 2020

December 25, 2020

January 1, 2021

Delivery Deadline

November 13, 2020

November 20, 2020

December 4, 2020

December 11, 2020

December 11, 2020

December 18, 2020

Head of Social Media and Marketing, RouteNote

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