Amazon Prime has 112 million users in the US

Amazon Prime have reportedly gained 112 million users in the US alone, a good sign for their music services.

New estimates from researchers Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP) shows that they reckon Amazon closed 2019 with 112 million members. They reckon that roughly 65% of shoppers who use Amazon are Prime customers.

What this also means is that roughly 112 million people across the US also have paid access to Prime Music. CIRP didn’t report on usage of all of the benefits included with Prime, simply how many people their analysis shows are subscribed.

Amazon Prime Music is a more limited offering than most other music streaming services, but as it comes packaged with Prime it has had a lot of natural uptake. Many users who want a full streaming service can use their fleshed out Amazon Music Unlimited service with a library matching competitors.

CIRP reported that Amazon Prime subscription growth has slowed in its uptake but is still moving steadily on up. Partner and co-founder for CIRP, Mike Levin said: “One factor in Prime membership growth seems to be how members pay.

“On the one hand, the monthly membership option makes it easier for customers to join, without committing to a significant annual fee. On the other hand, it allows members to stop and re-start a membership to match their shopping patterns. That may help explain some of the recent quarterly membership growth.”

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