Amazon Music Unlimited just $6 for 6 months for students

Amazon have some massive subscription price cuts for students listening to their new streaming service Amazon Music Unlimited.

Amazon are offering all students a half price discount of just $4.99 a month for their full streaming service. For students with an Amazon Prime membership the deal is even better, offering 6 months of Amazon Music Unlimited membership for just $6. That essentially means a dollar a month for unlimited music streaming, a pretty hard offer to say no to.

Late last year Amazon launched their standalone music streaming service, Amazon Music Unlimited, to rival big players like Spotify, Tidal and Apple Music. The service offers a fully fledged streaming service with a proper build, app and library – built upon their Amazon Prime Music service, offering limited music streaming with an Amazon Prime membership.

You don’t need Prime anymore as they offer the standalone Amazon Music Unlimited with a standard subscription of $9.99 a month. The service includes tens of millions of songs available for unlimited streaming, constantly updated with new releases. You can stream anywhere without ads, save music to listen to offline and more that you’d expect from a big music streamer.

The offering just got a whole lot tastier for students with some major discounts hoping to appeal to younger listeners. Check them out here where you can sign up if the discounts sound good to you:

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