Amazon Launches 100,000 Specific Amazon Artist Stores recently launched 100,000 Amazon Artist Stores that place biographical information alongside music and related material like books, posters and t-shirts. The inclusion of physical goods could prove a major point of differentiation for Amazon with other online music stores lacking warehouse operations and unable to match the broad a merchandise selection.

Biographical information is provided by the All Music Guide and some community, photo, video and music recommendations are provided via SoundUnwound, an in beta joint venture between Amazon and IDMb which encourages Wikipedia like fan editing.

Artist stores are accessed via a dedicated section and found in an alphabetical listing. But a search by artist in the general Amazon, Amazon Music or Amazon MP3 store do not take you to the artist’s store, but to the usual Amazon product listing. Perhaps further integration of Amazon’s various music destinations is pending. Examples of the special content available in Amazon Artist Stores include:

Coldplay Store ( featuring:

  • A pre-order for the band’s new EP, “Prospekt’s March”
  • “The Coldplay Story” – a timeline of the band’s rise
  • A photo gallery
  • A variety of books and DVDs

I personally think that these stores are a complete waste of time. Listeners tend to only like certain tracks from artists these days, and this is being proved by the decline in album sales. Therefore, the additional of all this information in one spot is aimless and the only way it is going to help Amazon is in terms of SEO.

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