Almost ½ of music subscribers in the US have Amazon Prime Music

A new report has revealed that almost a half of US music subscribers have access to Amazon Prime Music, whether they use it or not however…

A new report by Parks Associates shows that whilst the majority of streamers saw great gains in subscribers last year, Amazon are leading the way with 15% of US broadband households. The report shows that in 2016 Amazon Prime Music received a 50% increase in subscriptions, not including Amazon’s newly launched, standalone music service Amazon Music Unlimited.

Senior Analyst at Parks Associates, Glenn Hower said: “Amazon’s bundled service model has been a successful strategy in boosting the company’s status in multiple content verticals. Nearly one-half of streaming music subscribers, the equivalent of 15% of all broadband households, indicate they have a subscription to Amazon Prime Music. The number of households with access to Amazon’s music services through a Prime subscription is higher, as 28% of broadband households indicate they subscribe to Amazon Prime Video, so the number of streaming music subscribers likely reflects actual usage of the streaming music portion of Amazon’s service.”

Whilst Amazon have the most potential users their actual statistics for Prime Music are skewed, as many people subscribe to Prime without using their music service. Spotify meanwhile, who currently stand as the most subscribed streaming service in the world, almost doubled their subscriber base going from 4% of US broadband households to 7% from 2015 to 2016.

Hower added: “One-third of US broadband households now subscribe to a paid streaming music service, up from 26% in 2015. Although free ad-supported music services offer convenience and ease-of-listening, consumers have been swayed to pay for services that offer commercial-free listening, on-demand content, and expanded libraries.”

The report also revealed some interesting things about music streaming’s popularity in general, revealing that 58% of US broadband households listen to music outside their home. On average US households with broadband stream 3.6 hours of music a week on computers and 2.7 hours a week on smartphones.

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