A Giant Reboot Could Be Coming To Apple Music Soon

Apple’s hugely successful streaming service is approaching it’s first year anniversary and there are rumours the service is getting a big reboot.

In it’s first year Apple Music exploded onto the scene and took it’s place as one of the big players in music streaming. It recently surpassed 13 million subscribers, almost half of biggest rival Spotify’s 30 million, and with quicker growth than Spotify in the last quarter of 2015.

According to a report by Bloomberg with anonymous insiders, Apple are now planning to overhaul their service. This news should come as a pleasant surprise to many as the user interface (UI) and various other features of the streaming service have been criticised with no changes as of yet.

Apple are reportedly changing the UI in favour of a more intuitive design. The unnamed insiders who are “familiar with the product” also say that Apple are working to improve their integration of streaming and download businesses, presumably improving the connection between iTunes purchases and Apple Music.

The report also reveals that Apple are working on expanding their online radio service, which they restricted to Apple Music subscribers earlier this year. There was no info on any changes coming to Beats 1, the free 24/7 online radio station from Apple and hosted by popular artists and DJs. However Beats 1 seems to be the runaway success of Apple Music that has avoided criticism and built a strong audience with it’s quality shows and features, and free access.

The sources claim that Apple will reveal it’s updated design in June at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference. It will be interesting to see what changes are introduced in the reboot and how much it will improve the service. Any improvements will also likely increase competition between Apple Music and other streamers, their design hasn’t held them back yet – there’s plenty more to come.

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