Free Distribution
Our FREE distribution model allows artists to upload their music to
the worlds largest music stores without having to pay upfront.
Artists keep 85% of the royalties and can control which stores they want to work with.
Premium Distribution
Artists pay a small fee upfront ($10 - Singles, $20 - EP, $30 - Al-
bum and $45 - Ext Album, then $9.99 annually). Artists keep 100% of the royalties.
RouteNote Direct
Sell your music directly to your fans. Control your own pricing,
control the look and feel of your store,
and control which releases
you want to sell. Keep 85% of the royalties and get your own
unique URL to promote to your fans
Keep 100% Ownership
Artists always keep 100% ownership with RouteNote. We have a
non-exclusive agreement which also means you can remove your
music at any time. We let your rights roam free.
Free UPC and ISRC Codes
RouteNote offers free UPC and ISRC codes to all artists worldwide
The UPC and ISRC codes can be used for both physical and digital releases.
Switch Between Distribution Options
The RouteNote Model also allows you to change between the two
methods of distribution at will, in case you expect large volume of
sales in a short period but not so much thereafter, or, if you start to
notice higher volumes of sale than expected.
Full Transparency on Reporting
Reports are received 45 days after the close of every month and you can download the full list of transactions from every retailer within seconds.