Worst British Rap Songs? Let Us Know What You Think…

Earlier today I was discussing and defending UK Hip-Hop to someone who was unfairly criticising all Hip-Hop without really knowing what he was talking about. For some reason urban music is still an easy target for people with little to no idea about music to pick on. It shouldn’t be, but it is, largely because of skeletons in the closet such as the two monstrosities below.

Now I am fully aware that anybody with even a remote interest in any urban music would even come close to considering these two songs as anything other than excerpts of sonic dross, but the chap I was having the argument with used them as an example against me. I had forgotten about them both which may sound like a good thing, but when he pulled them out of the darkest corners of youtube I was lost for words. I would like you to let me know of any other examples of terrible British attempts at rap you can think of so I can be prepared for any inevitable future arguments I will find myself in.

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Thank you.

(For the original and official video of this song click here)

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    I reakon it has to be ‘Alyone Chapter VI’ by David Mapp, Lee Richardson and Rob Godman. Its just so long! And too loud!

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