will.i.am’s company just bought and earbud company because it’s still not dead

will.i.am won’t give up on his dream of being relevant in the world of technology and his company i.am+ are looking to Bluetooth earphones to make it for them.

Makers of Bluetooth earbuds, Earin just got purchased by will.i.am’s tech company that he for some reason owns. i.am+ (yes, incredible name, we know) probably used some of their $117 million+ in funding to purchase theĀ Swedish ear-focused audio company.

Earin have won awards for their earbuds which are designed with subtly, quality and style. They have been acclaimed for the scope of quality within such a small product. will.i.am’s company on the other hand have created some failed tech wearables and are currently developing a voice-powered AI because there isn’t already a bunch of them made by massive tech companies.

The terms of the deal weren’t disclosed but Earin’s established brand and quality product could be one of the first positive things to come from i.am+, because they didn’t develop it themselves. That’s not to say Earin’s earphones are infallible, they have been criticised for weak connections, battery life and a limited set of features – all things I’m sure i.am+ can degrade that further.

Jokes aside Earin’s second product, the M2, saw it’s first showcase since last years CES which seem to improve upon all the issues of their first earbuds. With the amount of time it’s been in development you’d expect that it might be a fairly better product. Hopefully they can maintain legitimacy with will.i.am now running the show.

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