Why Pick RouteNote? Sheer Success

RouteNote launched back in April 16th 2008 and since that time we have we have been focused on providing the masses with the same opportunities as was only previously given to the major label artists. RouteNote is the leading online music distribution service that has no upfront fees or costs and that is where we are hoping to stay.

RouteNote was launched with some major online retailers already on board, such as iTunes and eMusic. RouteNote works on the basis that we offer free distribution services to artists from all over the world. Artists head to RouteNote and can choose to upload their music to any of our partners (iTunes, Emusic, Amazon Mp3, Last.fm and more). Artists then receive 90% of all revenues derived from these partners in which is paid monthly.

So why choose RouteNote over our competitors?

  1. No upfront fees
  2. No monthly costs
  3. Artists keep 100% ownership of their music
  4. Artists receive 90% of all net revenues
  5. Free UPC and ISRC codes
  6. Artists from Anywhere in the world are accepted

RouteNote is a very service orientated business and customer service is what we pride ourselves on, because working closely with our artists means that we have the opportunity to really push and drive their sales which of course is our aim. RouteNote makes sure that artists have their music in all of the relevant places, and knows that the contemporaneous placement of music within these all these services is important, so we provide a speedy 3-4 week service to get your tracks from uploaded to live.

Providing great customer service has really help our artists get on to the service fast and more efficiently, which has really helped them to focus on driving sales. Our best example recently is that Megassus (a RouteNote contributor) held the number 1, 4 and 8th positions in the New age genre within eMusic.


Im your friendly RouteBot. Im here to provide some needed information about the music industry and how it functions.

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