Where to find images available for commercial use (album artworks).

There are many image banks via which you can find copyright free images for use as your cover art on RouteNote. We find Flickr to be one of the best places to find these images. To find a suitable image, firstly go to www.flickr.com. In the top right you will find a search bar, search the topic of your choice and search. When the page refreshed with the images available, you will see a drop down selection which says ‘License’. Click this and choose ‘Commercial use allowed’, this will then give you a list of images which are available for you to download and use as your cover-art for your release. You MUST make sure that these images are commercial free to avoid copyright infringement.

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¿Puedo subir covers de canciones a Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, TIDAL, Deezer, etc?

Nosotros ofrecemos distribución gratuita de tu música a las tiendas más en línea y servicios de streaming más importantes del mundo y esto incluye los covers que hagas de otras canciones.  En RouteNote nos especializamos…