Where can I download copyright-free music for my videos

Our in-house label, Outertone has over 1000 electronic songs that are free for you to use in your videos on YouTube without invoking a copyright claim or strike.

Outertone is RouteNote’s label, promoting some of our top electronic artists and giving YouTube creators a massive catalogue of music to choose from to use in their videos. All videos listed with the ‘[Outertone Free Release]’ tag can be used in your monetized videos without getting a claim from us.

All you’ve got to do is head to the Outertone SoundCloud page, find a track you like, hit ‘More’, then ‘Download file’ for a free MP3, WAV or FLAC file. Once your video is posted on YouTube, be sure to credit Outertone and the original artists with a link to relevant social pages in the description. These can be found in the description of any track.

Have you got what it takes? If you fancy getting yourself published on Outertone, be sure to send an email with a downloadable link to your music and social profiles to: submissions@outertone.com

For more copyright-free music, checkout our Synchedin platform. For $4.99/month, you can search through our catalogue and license music for all of your online videos.

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