Watch this amazing marble & magnet maze perfectly synced to Tchaikovsky’s ‘Waltz of the Flowers’

You thought Edvard Grieg’s ‘In the Hall of the Mountain King’ on Line Rider was good, wait until you see this crazy marble, magnet course set to Tchaikovsky.

YouTube user DoodleChaos has created a piece of art, a landmark in history, and just something very special. Using marbles, magnets and god knows how much time they have created this incredible magnet course that syncs up perfectly with Waltz of the Flowers by Russian classical composer Tchaikovsky.

They say in the description:

I’ve taken the piece ‘Waltz of the Flowers’ by Tchakovsky, and synchronised it to a chain reaction marble run by hand. After listening to parts of this song hundreds of times to match things up I went a bit crazy.

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