Want to stay inside a massive, 36-storey guitar on your holidays? Soon you can

This week Hard Rock started work on a big fat guitar in the sky that you’ll be able to stay in once it’s done! Why? Because why not.

We’ve all pondered about how much a giant guitar shaped building would cost in our lives, haven’t we? Well maybe you haven’t but for your information about $1.5 billion. At least that’s the amount of money being invested into the restructuring and expansion of the Seminole Tribe hotel and casino in Florida.

The construction commenced this week and was celebrated in typical Hard Rock fashion with a slew of guitars being shred to fireworks filling the sky with colour and bass. The ceremony featured Nicko McBrain and Steven Van Zandt attend to celebrate the massive glass monument to guitar.

The massive renovation will see a whopping, 450 foot high, 36-storey glass guitar overshadowing the rest of the hotel. With the ever-looming instrument standing over it the Seminole Tribe hotel the renovations will also see the casino capacity rise to more than 1300 rooms. They will also introduce a range of luxury, water surrounded “Bora-Bora inspired villas”.

Hard Rock’s international chairman Jim Allen said: “Not only do you have all these individual lagoons that you can swim through, but literally rooms submerged in water, which you can stay in overnight with butler service; waterways and canals and lazy rivers – just a lot of fun stuff.”

The tower is expected to launch in 2019. That’s if no-one involved in making this happens actually looks at a picture of the plans and burns it down – we can only hope.

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