Vevo’s new feature makes it easy to create GIFs from music videos

Vevo want you to make GIFs from their music videos so they’ve updated their platform that makes it easy to transform 5-second music video clips into GIFs.

The internet is full of GIFs, these days there is a GIF for every situation, emotion, event, just everything. Facebook even has an entire section of their messenger dedicated to sending GIFs. Now major label owned music video site Vevo are giving you a new, easy way to create your own original GIFs from their wealth of music videos.

Now when you’re watching a music video on the Vevo website there will be a ‘GIF’ button below which lets you select any part of the video to create a 5-seconds or less GIF. Once you’ve chosen your perfect clip using the slider you can decide whether to add a text caption or not then share it on Twitter and Facebook. The feature is only in Beta on desktop computers right now but Vevo plan to add the feature into their mobile app soon.

Vevo aren’t just giving people a hand with their GIF creativity as this serves as some fantastic advertising for them, especially whilst their pushing their platform in the run up to their upcoming subscription service. Vevo announced they would be launching a paid subscription service earlier this year and have since been regularly updating their service and adding features to present the best platform possible for their new service.

The improvements to their service as well as the announcement of their own paid service comes as the music video site, owned by 2 of the major record labels, looks to distance themselves from YouTube. Despite YouTube propelling Vevo’s brand name the Google owned video hosting platform has faced criticism for the music industry this past year for what many say are unfair payouts for artists and rightsholders. Even Warner Music who originally opted-out of joining Universal and Sony to start Vevo have signed up to allow their music videos on the platform now 7 years later.

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