Verizon are giving away 6 months of Apple Music for free

Verizon have just announced an “exclusive” partnership with Apple Music which begins by offering users 6 months of music streaming freedom at no extra cost.

Verizon and Apple have teamed up for an exclusive partnership which will combine the music streaming service and the network provider in unique ways. It will all begin on August 16th when Verizon will offer Verizon Unlimited customers to sign up for a special offer of six months free music streaming on Apple Music.

The offer will be available to all Verizon customers whether they are just signing up or have been with them forever if they are signed up to Verizon Unlimited. They will have full access to Apple Music’s 45+ million songs which they can stream over 4G or WiFi or download to play offline on any devices.

Verizon’s vice president of marketing, Angie Klein said: “This first-of-its-kind offer is just the first step in an exclusive partnesrhip with Apple. It gives our customers exactly what they want: Apple’s best-in-class music streaming experience, paired with an unlimited plan tailored to them, on the network they deserve. And now that you can mix and match our unlimited plans, every person in your family can stream worry-free on the unlimited plan they need, without paying for things they don’t – and enjoy all the music they want for six months free with Apple Music with this exclusive offer in the US.”

Verizon offer 3 different Unlimited plans which will offer 6 months worth of free Apple Music streaming from the 16th of this month. Go Unlimited, Beyond Unlimited and Above Unlimited. Each plan includes added performance, features and global access. Above Unlimited includes 75 GB of premium 4G LTE data along with HD video streaming, 20 GB of 4G LTE mobile hotspot, 5 TravelPass sessions per month and 500 GB of Verizon Cloud storage, all for $60/line per month for four lines.

Visit Verizon Wireless to learn more.

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