Use Siri to listen to music on Pandora’s newly dark app

With the launch of iOS 13, Pandora have decided to get in on the phone with some new features for music streaming on Apple devices.

Apple launched their new iOS 13 for iPhones and iPads last month. Pandora have updated their music streaming app to enhance what they can do on the new software.

Pandora are letting listeners see the app “in a whole new light” with Dark Mode. This new colour scheme lets you switch to a darker theme that’s great for browsing in the evening and gentler on the eyes. It also looks pretty cool if you’re the kind of person who’s into dark things, like Batman.

With brand new Siri support finding the right track is even easier. Simply tell Siri what to play on Pandora, whether it’s an artist, album, specific track, or a podcast.

You can use Siri with Pandora on an iPhone, iPad, or CarPlay now to hear the music and podcasts you love, entirely hands-free.

For more information about using Siri with Pandora, check here.

Apple users can upgrade to iOS 13 and then download the latest Pandora app for iOS here to start using these great new features today!

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