UK Music Embrace New Mayor Of London’s Initiatives For Music In The City

The UKs capital London has elected a new mayor in Sadiq Khan, and his support extends to the music community of London and the UK.

Sadiq Khan’s election as London mayor has promised a reinvigorated emphasis on the music scene in the UK’s capital city. Khan has some big plans including the production of a Cultural Infrastructure Plan by 2030.

Khan said of music and art in London: “There are few places on earth that can rival our city for it’s arts and culture. Our arts and culture help make London an amazing city to live in, and are a big draw to people from all over the world – both tourists and those looking to the city to work and set up businesses.”

Khan’s promise extend to the protection of music venues that face “increasing risks” including a rule that forces developments next to music venues have to meet appropriate soundproofing requirements. Additionally the new Mayor of London has agreed to set up ‘Creative Enterprise Zones’, workspaces dedicated for artists with live-in space.

UK Music, a lobbying/campaign group that represents the¬†music¬†industry in the UK has welcomed the new mayor, saying: “UK Music knows that Sadiq is a music fan. That is one of the reasons we are delighted that Londoners have put their trust in him as our new Mayor. London has made the right choice.”

Chief executive at UK Music, Jo Dipple said: “I’ve written to the new mayor to congratulate him and offer the support of UK Music and its members. UK Music needs a mayor who understands and cares about issues affecting music in London. Sadiq’s manifesto does just that. I look forward to working with him and his team to deliver policies good enough for London, the capital of music.”

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