Try-Before-You-Buy Headphones and Home Audio From Lumoid

Lumoid are giving people the ability to test out their audio products before they buy in a new scheme.

Today we have access to almost every song in the world and the potential to listen to music by a plethora of means with exceptional audio quality now freely available to most. The problem is that buying a good pair of headphones or that stylish new stereo can still be expensive so you want to make sure you’re dishing out your hard-earned cash on a top quality product in return.

Lumoid plan to help their customers ensure they’ve made the right choice by adding headphones, bluetooth speakers and home audio products to their try-before-you-buy scheme in what they are calling Lumoid Listen. For a rental fee you can have various trial units of audio products sent to your home for a 2-week trial before you send it back (prepaid) and if you like it they will send you a new one with the majority of your rental charge going towards your purchase.

For $30 per person you can choose from their portable audio speakers, sent in bundles of three, with $25 going to a final purchase if you like them. Headphones are also sent in bundles of three and range from $30-$55 rental fee. Finally Home Theater equipment will be priced individually.

The brands available are all high-quality, household names including ranges from Sonos, JBL, Sony, Bose, Sennheiser, Beats, Marshall, Audio Technica and Harmon Kardon.

Lumoid had already made available a trial scheme for a set of their products including wearables and drones but the addition of their audio equipment is what truly makes this service special. Most audiophiles, and even many casual listeners, will know the disappointment of spending out a new pair of speakers and realising they didn’t fit your expectations. Lumoid look to permanently end that disappointment, at least for their customers.

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