RouteNote Troubleshooters: How long until my music will be on stores?

I’ve uploaded my music on the RouteNote website. How long will it take to get onto streaming services and music stores?

Once you’ve uploaded your music and created your release to send to us then our team will have a look over it to make sure that it’s all looking good to be sent to all of the stores and services you’ve selected around the world. It takes on average 48 hours for us to check over a release and ensure it’s ready to be taken online and we will send you an email letting you know whether your release has been accepted or if anything needs doing to it. You can also check the status of your release from your account at by heading to the ‘Your Account’ section and selecting ‘Discography’.
Once your release has been approved then we’ll send it off to all of the online stores and services you’ve selected. It’s then down to them to upload your music which takes up to 7 days for most major stores.  Some stores may take up to 28 days from approval to upload your music.

If it’s been over the allotted time or if you have any other concerns about your release(s) then please create a ticket from the website or send an email to and our dedicated support team will be able to help you with any issues.

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    Hi, your music should be live up to a week after approval. It will often only take a couple of days for the high profile services like Spotify and Apple Music.


    My song Sunny Vacation has been officially approved on 9/11/2019. When can I possibly expect to start seeing on stores?

    Hi Marcos, your release will be uploaded to most stores within a week of approval. High profile stores like Spotify and Apple Music are the quickest and often upload within a few days.

    Hey…so when everything is online and the songs are on everything…will I just look upi my bands name and find the song?? will i Have the profile?

    Hello, yes once your music has been approved and is on services you’ll be able to find it simply by searching for it. An artist profile will automatically be created for you if you don’t have any music live already.

    Hi Daniel, it takes up to a week after approval for your music to go live on most stores. Spotify and Apple are usually the quickest and should only take 2-3 days.

    Hi. I set a release date to my song “TruDawg” and today is the release date and it still isn’t out on some stores like amazon music

    Hi Mohamed, when you’re logged into your RouteNote account on the website: head to the ‘Create New Release’ section and you can upload your music and fill in your metadata there.


    My music has been “in review” now for about 4 days, I’m still waiting for it to be approved. When can I expect it to be approved?

    Hi, you should hear from the moderation team very shortly. We’re currently getting our schedule back on track after an unusually high number of releases were uploaded to us.

    I was approved 2/20/20 and my song still hasn’t been released to Spotify etc. When can I expect to see it released?

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