Top Electronic Artists to Watch in 2016

Here is a very simple list of my favourite electronic artists to watch in 2016.

Tobu = Tobu is an artist from Latvia who has grown very quickly over the past year or so. Tobu has a very unique style and seems to be controlling the world of progressive house music.

Said the Sky = Said the Sky has a very unique style, which seems to really work well with live performance.

Hellberg = Hellberg is an electronic artist that has come from nowhere in 2015, but will be even stronger in 2016. Started releasing on Monstercat, but slowly going independent.

Axero = Axero is a French artist who has been knocking out a huge number of tracks in 2015, all with unique sounds and styles.

Vexento = Very secretive artist who has kept strong focus with putting great tracks out on only YouTube, Soundcloud and Spotify.

Amasi = Amasi is an interesting new artist who has been on fire at the end of 2015. Releasing on 99Lives label, Outertone and others.

Itro = Itro is a dutch artist with great potential. Itro produces on a broad range of styles and has collaborated with some amazing artists in the world of electronic music.

Electro-Light = Very interesting artist who is predominant on social media and has grown a lot of success via NCS.

Alan Walker = Alan Walker is a great Norwegian artist who recently re-released his popular track Faded and it shot to number 1 in Norway and Denmark on Spotify.

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