TikTok sees growth as countries go into lockdown

The video sharing app see impressive user and revenue growth as more and more residents around the world are being ordered to stay home.

In the US, week-on-week downloads are up 18%. With 2 million downloads between 16th-22nd March, compared to 1.7 million downloads between 9th-15th March. This resulted in gross revenue of $1.1m, up 34% from the previous week at $822,000.

Italy have been on lockdown since 9th March. They too have seen week-on-week growth. With 237,000 downloads, up 35% on the previous week.

Global stats month-to-month shows impressive numbers too. Boasting 84.8 million download between 1st-23rd March, up 5% compared to the same 23 days in February. This resulted in gross revenue of $46.4m, up from $42m, representing a 10% growth.

This further solidifies TikTok as the largest social media platform in the world, with more people enticed by and hooked on the catchy short-form videos on the app.

TikTok are putting this extra revenue to good use, teaming up with Arnold Schwarzenegger to help fight the cause.

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