The world’s first ever underwater snorkelling guitar solo

Dragonforce guitarist Herman Li has just broken new ground by shredding a guitar solo all whilst snorkelling underwater. Li rigged his signature Ibanez EGEN up with a flotation device and dived in for a first of it’s kind performance.
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Make cool synth loops in your browser with Tones

Build pretty loops, sequences and chords with this simple yet versatile synthesizer straight from your web browser. Tones is a simple, open and collaborative music-making platform that works straight from your browser. It’s as simple…

Watch this ‘Smash-Proof guitar’ fly through Marshall stacks

A Swedish company have made a guitar that even guitar-smashing veteran Yngwie Malmsteen can’t break even when it’s smashing through Marshall stacks. Swedish engineering firm Sandvik have made a name for themselves in creating powerful…

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