The Really Useful Chord Progression Poster is really useful

After many people found the Really Useful Piano Poster really useful the company is back on Kickstarter with a poster that songwriters will find… really useful.

Earlier in the year we shared a Kickstarter campaign for the Really Useful Piano Poster, a massive A1 poster featuring all the vital information on piano chords, 48 scales and a digestible dive into music theory. The campaign was a huge success and the poster now hangs on many a wall and is now available outside of a fundraiser.

Now the Really Useful Poster Company are back with a new giant poster campaign that’s the perfect addition to your studio or for the wall behind your music equipment, or wherever you can fit it really. The Really Useful Chord Progression Poster is as self-explanatory as it’s older sister – it offers up a comprehensive guide to all the chords in every Major and Minor scale. It’s the perfect poster to brush up on your music theory and inspire some songwriting. If you’re writing a song and not sure what to play next this poster has you covered.

There is so much fit onto the poster thanks to it’s giant A1 size meaning you can explore the nuances of all chord progressions without squinting your eyes trying to play. All 24 Major and Minor chord sets are included on the poster making it the perfect accompaniment to jamming, songwriting, or just learning more about how music works. The poster is fully illustrated using piano key positions so you don’t necessarily need any musical knowledge to understand it.

Just like the Really Useful Piano Poster it’s an excellent companion to music-making and great use of empty wall space. You can secure your own now for as little as £5 for a digital version. Starting at £8 you can get the full A1 poster delivered to your door and for a little extra you can get a super glossy version rolled up in a tube so the poster isn’t lined with annoying crease marks.

Head to the Kickstarter now and nab yourself something Really Useful:

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