The Lego Exodus: Lego Blur Is Here

So many bands are starting to become “stuck” (sorry, Lego joke) in the Lego trap, and so am i. To start off i had decided that everyone was just milking the Guitar Hero/Rockband goat as far as it would go. But for us its now gone full circle. When the Game first came out it was full of, who we considered, has-beens who hadn’t really released anything for a while, but some juicy bands are starting to sign up and now we find ourselves thinking, wouldn’t it be awesome if this band joined? Imagine a Lego Satriani slamming away!

The Initial line-up was Iggy Pop, The Automatic, Sum 41, Pink an other sickly pop groups like lego iggy popKaiser Chiefs and you seem to get the impression that they made the game for the hell of it with whoever they could “stick” in (sorry) at the time, a bit like Guitar Hero 5 really. Or the U2 Rock band if they ever get there “I’m Jealous of Aerosmith” way about it. But as you dig deeper you start to get the impression that The Lego Rockband guys have more of a sense or humour than that. Other acts include Europe (Final Countdown), and Ray Parker Jr. (The Ghost Busters Theme dude) which both must have been added for comedy value, surely. Some acts actually have some integrity too like The Foo Fighters and Vampire weekend. I wonder if Bloc Party will Appear! (Aw come on, that was funny). Here is a Lego Blur.

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