The Innov8tors – RouteNote’s Featured Artist September 20th 2016

A lot of great talent comes through RouteNote every day and we want the world to hear it with us. With our new weekly featured artist slot we’ll present you with the best new music from the plethora of fantastic RouteNote artists.

Our very first featured artist is The Innov8tors – a duo of electronic dance and trap producers creating unique and lively tracks that are great no matter when or where you are, in the club or enjoying a sunny afternoon.

The Innov8tors have been gaining traction since they formed in 2009. Since then they have gone on to collaborate with great singers like Mechi Pieretti and Brittney Bouchard. The Innov8tors have been recognised for their talent, gaining a top 5 winner spot in the Muttonheads Competition in both 2014 and 2015.

Their distinct blend of trap and house combines to form beats that no clubber can resist. Do yourself a favour and listen to some of the best new EDM from The Innov8tors, available on all your favourite streaming services and stores.

The only way is up for The Innov8tors from here and we’re excited to hear where they go next with their music. We can’t wait to hear their debut EP ‘We Are The Innov8tors’ when it releases – TBA 2016.

The Innov8tors

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