The evolving digital Sensus Smart Guitar just received $220k in funding

Sensus Smart Guitar is a mindblowing blend of the instrument we know and love and incredible new sounds and capabilities using digital effects.

From the genius minds at Swedish music tech developers at Mind Music Labs, the Sensus Smart Guitar is an innovative new instrument that transforms guitar playing completely. Following a long run of praise and awards last year the company have received a giant $220,000 investment to develop the technology further and find a way to bring it to the masses.

The Sensus guitar features a typical six string guitar setup which you can play completely naturally, but it’s beyond that where the Sensus becomes fun. The guitar features numerous touch pads on it’s body and up the neck, each allowing you to manipulate sounds and effects in different ways for a completely unique way of playing the guitar and creating music. With the amount of customisation available through all of the touch pads you can create sounds that are nothing like a guitar.

After winning an award at the Midemlab startup awards last year, Midem said: “Mind [Music Labs] develops connected instruments that boost the way musicians express themselves. Mind’s Sensus is the world’s first Smart Guitar: it’s a guitar, a wireless music system and Internet of Things device. It plays like a guitar, but it’s technology evolves what you can do.”

Mind Music Labs CEO, Michele Benincaso said: “Today there are many incredible evolutions happening in music and technology; from VR and AR to interactive performances – but everything is still happening off stage. While on stage, musicians are still using technologies from the 50s. We strongly believe that evolving musical instruments and allowing musicians to seamlessly interact with each other and with their audiences is the key to the next real revolution in the industry.”

The Sensus Smart Guitar is really an instrument that needs to be seen to be understood, so check it out in the video below.

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