The 10 best festive electronic tunes for a merry litmas

The bells are ringing and the snow is falling, at least they are somewhere. It’s time to crack out the decks and get jolly with some Christmas tunes – but who says you have to listen to the same old songs every year?
Here are the 10 greatest tunes that will get you raving around the Christmas tree:

It’s lovely weather for a sleigh ride together with BASS. This club-ready re-imagining of the classic Sleigh Ride comes from Monstercat’s own Stephen Walking. This Christmas get your grandparents up and raving around the Christmas tree with a bit of old, and a bit of new.

Here’s a fresh one for you. Jamie Lidell dropped this festive little number last month which sounds like Santa Claus crashed into a disco club and pumped up the woofers. Lidell’s unique style will have you funking along so hard you’ll forget all about taking the turkey out.

What would Christmas be without Bing Crosby? Here’s Crosby as you’ve never heard him with some sexy, fat bass and a boom-bap beat transforming Bing into a dreamy hip-hop darling. Coming from Christmas DJ extraordinaire Kaskade who even has his own full Christmas album. Yeah you heard it right, Kaskade has a Christmas album, check it out!

Possibly the last person you’d expect to see on this list but yes, Aphex Twin has a Christmas song. Or at least it has XMAS in the title and samples some pretty bells, so it’s probably as close as we’ll ever get to Richard D James’ ‘Last Christmas’.

Ready for a mad one this Christmas? Instantly transform Christmas dinner into an Ibiza party with this mad remix of God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen. Courtesy of prolific DJs Gent & Jawns comes this heavy festive jam.

Turn down for what? Silent Night won’t even be a concept after you hear this big, big reworking of DJ Snake’s Bird Machine with Alesia. Just in case you thought you’d never hear Jingle Bells sung by a bird to a trap beat, the Lean On producer presents you with this tasty package.

This is a bit of a different one but still deserves a lot of love. Darcy’s come through with Mariah Carey’s hit song with a fusion of snappy drum machines and live performance. It may not be Mariah Carey but those vocals at 2:55 right?

If by this point you’re asking “where is the house!?”, here you go. It’s a mix between some sweet deep house, demonic carollers, and a trance beat trying it’s hardest to keep up with the festivities. This track is sure to put a smile on your face this Christmas.

Trust electronic supergroup Major Lazer to bring some reggae/dancehall life to Christmas. Escape in the sumptious sound of Christmas Trees and get ready to coat your turkey in jerk sauce. This is a banger every Christmas needs.

You’ll definitely have a “very decent Christmas” with this gorgeous track. Picture yourself on a tropical beach sipping on egg nog and lose yourself to this amazing piece of smoothness this holiday.

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