Tell your story from anywhere in the world on YouTube in Life In A Day 2020

On July 25th youTube are encouraging everyone to pick up their cameras and tell the story of a day in Earth through the eyes of people everywhere.

10 years ago YouTube created a historical film with the help of Ridley Scott and Kevin Macdonald. The feature length piece chronicled a day in the life of people around the world in a single day for future generations to understand the life in a precise moment of time.

A decade on, YouTube are returning with Ridley Scott reprising his role as executive producer and Kevin Macdonald returning as director. They’re inviting everyone to get involved to tell the story of a day in the life of humans around the world in one of the most notable years in recent history.

You’re invited to simply film your day on Saturday, 25th July whatever you get up to. No matter what you’re doing, YouTube want anyone to get involved so that we have a snapshot into the lives of every human and their experiences in these difficult times when it may be more insightful than ever.

Maybe you’ll be filming from home as you continue to navigate the coronavirus pandemic, or maybe you’re in a part of the world where you’re figuring out how to move forward in a transformed world. Maybe you’re connecting with friends, reuniting with family, or going to work. Maybe it’s a special day – you’re getting married, moving out, sharing important news. Or maybe it’s just a normal day. We want to weave together these unique experiences and perspectives to create a time capsule of this moment.

The final feature film will be edited over the course of five months, crafted entirely through what is found in the submitted footage. Once the submission window closes, a 30-person team of multilingual reviewers stationed around the world will begin reviewing and translating submitted videos. Three principal feature editors – Nse Asuquo (House of My Fathers, The Jazz Ambassadors), Mdhamiri Á Nkemi (The Pale Horse, Blue Story), and Sam Rice-Edwards (Whitney) – will then undertake an enormous post-production effort, working alongside director Kevin Macdonald, to shape the film’s final narrative out of the submitted footage.

Get tips on how to film your day here and head to the Life In A Day website to find out more about the event and get ready to submit your video.

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