YouTube Trending Tab Helps You Find The Next Viral Videos

YouTube have introduced a Trending tab on their homepage and apps that shows a list of videos currently gaining traction. YouTube announced on their blog yesterday a new Trending feature to coincide with the release of…

Spotify’s Most Viral Tracks Last Week In US, Canada, UK and Global

Last week saw some big music releases, namely Adele’s new single ‘Hello’ – her first release in 3 years ‘Hello’ has gone on to sell over a million copies in a week, thrashing all previous records…

When Mama Isn’t Home Remix

The first 14 seconds of this video feature a father and son making music in the kitchen. Titled “When Mama Isn’t Home” this video has been doing the rounds on YouTube and Facebook, racking up…

Katy Perry Makes a Sexy Appearance on SNL

It seems as though SNL just regained some respect. Katy Perry last week was on Sesame Street, but her outfit was deemed a little too sexy for kids tv. Now Perry has decided to take the piss out of herself and appear on SNL with this amazing video which is bound to go viral.

Labrint Signs to SYCO Music and Release Amazing Single with Great Viral Video

Labrint is a new up and coming sonwriter in the UK who has been growing at a rapid pace. Labrint has just released his feel good and chart friendly sing “Let The Sun Shine” which is being distributed by none other than Simon Cowell’s record label SYCO.