Best Lofi / Chill Study Beats [2020] – via RouteNote Sessions

RouteNote Sessions has long been focused on live productions in our studio in RouteNote HQ. However, it is slowly expanding out and here is the first mix session containing some amazing lofi. Lofi is just…

TikTok’s Chinese version Douyin has over 400m daily users

TikTok has become massive all over the globe and in China it’s sister app is growing like nothing else with nearly half a million active users daily. TikTok is everywhere. It’s creating viral hits out…

Ultimate YouTube Vloggers Studio Setup on One Desk!

Are you looking for the ultimate YouTube Studio setup all on one desk? Well this video runs through all the equipment and what results you can expect from your videos. Amazing setup!

EVERY YouTube video must be categorised before 2020 or face penalties

YouTube have updated their policies meaning that every video needs to designate whether it is made for children or face potential consequences. Every video on YouTube must mark it’s content as ‘Made For Kids’ or…

Baggs tore the roof off of RouteNote with their insatiable session (video)

Get the tasty sound of Baggs’ grunge powered riffs down you for an emotional, fuzzy dinner of delicious songs. Baggs have carved their own new path out of a sound that was set long along…

YouTube creators in India are becoming massive

Over 1,200 creators in India have over 1 million subscribers as the video giant hits hundreds of millions of viewers across the country. India has been a big up-and-comer in recent years for tech services….

The art of painting music with words (video)

Lyrics and music go together like paint and a brush. Some use that partnering to extra effect and coalesce the two for beautiful and powerful effect. Check out this wonderful technique in this great video.

YouTube Content ID – Explained for Musicians and Record Labels (Video)

YouTube Content ID is a complex system that finds audio and video used in all user generated content uploaded to YouTube. This video explains how the YouTube Content ID system works and how artists and…

The U.S. has streamed over 1 trillion times so far this year

Americans all over are going online more than ever when they want to listen to music or watch TV and Film with record breaking numbers this year. Unless you’ve recently emerged from a stint out…

Unique Linkin Park – In The End – Piano Cover

This has to be the most interesting cover I have ever seen of Linkin Park – In The End. Russia pianist Gamazda puts her own unique spin on a classic track.