The New Features of Shazam and it’s Future

Shazam recently announced that they will be integrating a social media platform into their service, which gives users the ability to find the details of a song just by “listening” to a segment of it….

Facebook May Introduce Music Service

Facebook are interested in “getting into music” having held talks with major labels Sony Music Entertainment, Universal Music Group and Warner Music Group about integrating some sort of music service into their social media platform,…

Music Recognition App ‘Shazam’ Is Now Valued At $1 billion

Who would have thought (what is at the core of it) a music recognition app could be valued at $1 billion. After a recent $30 million investment, this places Shazam as the first British mobile-first…

Lawsuit for Extreme Marijuana use at Universal Music Group headquarters

Interesting article about a lawsuit that has been filed because of extreme Marijuana use at Universal Music Group headquarters. Read the full article here

Major Label Up for Sale – Sony or Universal Looking for a Buyer

Reports have surfaced that Universal or Sony are looking for a buyer. At the moment it hasnt been confirmed which major label is on the chopping block, but sources are saying that its 100% not…

Universal Music Purchase of EMI Should be Approved This Week by European Commission

There are lots of reports this morning that the Universal purchase of EMI will be approved this week by the European Commission. The combined company is being forced to divest itself of Parlaphone. Additionally, there…

Vevo Content and Economic Future Might Be In Trouble

It seems like there is a huge amount of Vevo news at the moment. Vevo UK CEO and Commercial Direct resign Vevo demands YouTube cuts their fees Vevo seeking new funding Universal reconsidering their Vevo…

Major Label Market share: Sony Bigger than Universal

It seems as though Sony has more market share than Universal at the moment (as reported by Nielsen Soundscan).

Bob Marley’s Family Lose Court Battle Against Universal Music

Bob Marley’s family has just been blocked by a New York judge on obtaining copyrights from his most famous recordings from Universal Music Group.

Universal and UKs Official Chart Company Launch TimeWheel iPhone Application

Universal Music Group has launched its latest iPhone app, in partnership with the UK’s Official Charts Company. The app is called TimeWheel and is a very simple music time machine.