Yoko Ono; “Don’t Hold Your Breathe”

Yoko Ono yesterday told Beatles fans “not to hold your breathe” in waiting for the most popular and demanded music collection of all time to be available on iTunes.

Oasis 2.0 Interview: Liam Gallagher Opens Up

Liam Gallagher has been talking to a radio station in the USA and it has now been confirmed that he is working on a Beatles film.

The Beatles Rock Band Becomes Leading Music Video Game in First Month, Beating Guitar Hero 5

In its very first month on the market, The Beatles: Rock Band has jumped to the top music video game charts. According to the NPD Group, The Beatles: Rock Band out sold Guitar Hero 5….

The Beatles Rock Band Video Game Launched

Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr turned up onstage at Microsoft’s E3 press conference last night to plug the upcoming music game The Beatles: Rock Band. The game will include over 45 songs with others also…

The Beatles will be on Rock Band coming September 9th

Harmonix has confirmed that its Beatles-themed music game will be released on 9 September this year, and will be called The Beatles: Rock Band. An official site has gone live today inviting gamers to sign…