el Guincho Offers Full Album Streaming via SoundCloud

el Guincho is scheduled to release his new album next Monday, but if you want to listen now then you can. el Guincho has added his entire album for streaming via Soundcloud. Check it out…

Inkysmudge – Victims Of The Internet

The internet is a wonderful thing. It has liberated the small artist and gifted them complete freedom over the release of their work. The result of this is artists that would have 10 years ago had no chance of building up a fan base outside of their home town can build intimate relationships through their music with people living anywhere in the world.

Something For The Weekend?

Up to anything exciting this weekend? Maybe a garden party, going out clubbing or just hanging out on your own at home starring at your thumbs. All of these things I’m sure would be improved with some new music attacking your ear drum.

A Friday Treat: Smashing Pumpkins – Freak

Good morning and good Friday (no, not that kind of good Friday) to you all. Want to see something cool before the weekend do you? Well, why not take a look and have a listen to the (relatively) new Smashing Pumpkins song ‘Freak’ on their customised SoundCloud player below?

BT Digital Music Awards 2010

The nominees are now up for the BT Digital Music Awards 2010. You can go onto the website and register to vote via your Facebook account. There are some pretty interesting nominations in the more niche categories such as best place to hear music or best place to discover music, but some entirely bland and predictable *cough, Muse, cough* nominations up for best artist and the more common awards.


A service I regularly use for hunting down music is the excellent website citysounds.fm, a site focused on local music communities. If you don’t know what it is; you select your city and citysounds.fm will present you with the latest things uploaded to soundcloud by people living in that city. Simple idea, very useful.

SoundCloud Launch Remix App

Last night SoundCloud announced their new Remix app, which they’ve inventively named SoundCloud-Remix. The app is aimed at websites hosting remix competitions, something which SoundCloud has been used for a great deal thus far.

SoundCloud Hits 1 Millions SoundClouders!

Our friends at Soundcloud have just hit a great milestone, Congrats guys! p.s. a free Soundcloud account for us would go astray 😉

Google Offers Online Cloud Storage For All File Extensions

If you’re already using Google docs to transfer files around your work group, you’ll know that it can already handle file attachments of up to 250MB, and offers you the ability to access all of…