An AI in every home: 23% of the US now owns Smart Speakers

Smart speakers are in more and more homes every month with almost double the amount of Smart Speakers in US homes at the end of 2018 compared to the end of 2017. NPR and Edison…

The 5 best smart speaker Black Friday deals

Black Friday offers up some of the year’s best deals. What better time to liven up your home with a Smart Speaker that streams from your favourite music and audio services using your voice to…

Sonos Beam: The smart, compact soundbar for your TV at a Cheap Price

Sonos has launched Beam. Beam ia a smart, compact soundbar for your TV. Beam allows you to easily control the sound with your voice. And at a compact 25.6 inches, it won’t block the TV…

Video: Amazon Echo Spot Review – Smart Speaker for your Bedside Table

The Amazon Echo Spot is your small portable version of the Amazon Echo Show. Here is a comprehensive review of the smart speaker for your bedside table.

Video: Google Home Max Review – $400 Smart Speaker to Compete with Sonos

Here is a full review of the new Google Home Max smart speaker. The speaker has a very simple design and has some amazing features as well.

Get Deezer HiFi, now on Google Cast and Chromecast enabled speakers

Deezer are upping their high-fidelity music streaming offering, expanding it to stream through multiple extra casting devices. The Paris-based streaming service Deezer are bolstering their premium-Premium offering. Deezer HiFi is Deezer’s $19.99 a month streaming service…

Sonos soon to announce smart speaker with multiple voice assistants

Sonos are ready to take on Amazon and Google by making their multi-room, Wi-Fi speakers go smart with voice control. Shortly after references to a smart speaker by Sonos were found in the FCC, Sonos…

Alibaba Enters the Smart Speaker and Virtual Assistant Market with Tmall Genie – The Amazon Alexa and OK Google Competitor

Alibaba has followed the likes of Amazon and Google into the smart speaker market with the new Tmall Genie. The Tmall Genie has the AliGenie voice assistant inside, which is similar to Amazon’s Alexa. Feature-wise,…

Amazon Echo – USA Deal – $50 Off

The Amazon Echo is currently $50 off in the USA only for a short time. Buy Amazon Echo – $129.99 was $179.99.

Apple HomePod First Look Video – Smart Speaker that Mixes Sonos Sound Quality with Amazon Echo Style Assistant Siri

Apple have announced the HomePod speaker at WWDC. Apple claims the speaker will reinvent music in homes like the iPod did for music on the go, but that seems to be a very bold claim….