Most Affordable Digital Music Distribution

Artists are always look for affordable digital music distribution and there isn’t a distribute service out there that is more affordable then RouteNotes’ Free offering. Artists keep 85% of the royalties and they have no…

RouteNote Premium Launch Promotion: Worlds Cheapest Music Distribution!

A few weeks ago RouteNote launched our new Premium platform. The Premium platform is a subscription based service that allows artists to keep 100% of their revenues.

RouteNote Upgrades: Free or Premium, The Choice is Yours!

RouteNote has just launched a major upgrade of our site and services. RouteNote is a leader in digital music distribution and with this new release we hope that we can help even more artists worldwide….

Spotify Updates Platform With New Features

Spotify released a major update to their service today, integrating a massive set of social and functional features, including the ability to linkn your Facebook and Spotify accounts, and the option of usingĀ  to play…