Music Review: Dot Dot Dot – E.P II

I am often ridiculed for my fandom of pop music. I do see most pop music for what it is, don’t get me wrong, I just don’t think there’s anything wrong with liking well constructed, musically solid and perfectly produced pop songs.

MyToyBox – It’s The Weekend

MyToyBox is the brainchild of 19 year-old Matt Nash who started his career as a singer of a metal band but became a pop convert. MyToyBox has released their first track from their debut album called It’s The Weekend. The MyToyBox album is scheduled for release this October on Jive Records (Sony).

Music Review; Jackanory And The Ball – The E.P

Jackanory and the Ball’s creatively titled The. E.P is one of the most compelling and complete records from a new artist that I’ve listened to in quite some time.

Music Review: Moriarti – Bouverie Mews

For just £3.00 you could be the proud owner of the following; these novelty condoms, this photo keyring of a giant and inflatable banana, this Gaelic phrasebook, or this hilarious fridge magnet. Something £3.00 won’t…

Shameless Self Promotion – Rachel James and Band

Genre:  New Folk Pop A 3 piece consisting of guitar, vocals, bass and alsorts of percussion including tablas.  Musically, we aim for a different type of sound based on merging styles together, so as to have…

A promising beginning for Steph, as ‘Chasing Butterflies’ gathers online interest!

A hot new addition to this month has been the “eagerly awaited” release of Steph’s ‘Chasing Butterflies’. The catchy, up-beat (strangely familiar) track is mainly recognised from its  radio and TV time for a…

The Tony Maserati Collection – Waves Audio Signature Series Software plug-ins

Waves continue their domination of digital music production releasing the first product for their ‘Signature Series’, The Tony Maserati Collection.   For the amateur producers / engineers that haven’t heard the name, Maserati is the…

A Mashup of the Top 25 Pop Songs of 2008

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you got the top 25 USA pop songs of 2008 and mash them all up? No, I havent either, but here it is.

The Hitchcock Rules – For My Monster

There’s a lot of music on this album. Not just in the sense that there are 14 meaty tracks on it, but in that each one has been painstakingly written and composed. The album would…

The Menahan Street Band – Make the Road By Walking

Old school revival. Recorded on old analogue equipment in a Brooklyn bedroom by a group of young soul musicians, this album has a sound straight out of the early 70’s. The music sounds like it’s…