Zomboy – Delirium (Ft. Rykka)

Zomboy drops his third hit from his upcoming album. Here’s hoping the other 7 are equally as good.

MitiS – Touch (Original Mix)

MitiS is an awesome new producer. This is his new track called Touch. Brilliant!

Eardrums Pop

If you’re not familiar with the fairly popular music blog “Eardrums”, it might be worth pointing your peepers squarely at this website. The blog has for some time dedicated itself to promoting little known indie artists. Its label is an online, music distributing extension of this.

Midweek Music Suggestions – 07/10/2010

Good morning member of “the public”. As it’s already gone past the middle of the week and I’m late on delivering this I’ve made my selections extra special, I do hope you enjoy them.

Midweek Music Suggestions 28/09/2010

Hello there Routenote readers, I hope your week is treating you well. I feel a bit of a cheat this week as I’ve been on holiday for the past few days. As a result this weeks music suggestions have been thrown together in a matter of minutes. That’s not to suggest for a moment that the artists beneath are worth anything other than your undivided attention, only that you may already be aware of them, and it is for this reason you find me apologising.