Where Do I Find My UPC or ISRC in My RouteNote account?

If you click on your Releases section and then edit your releases you can find your UPC and ISRC’s for that specific release.

Will I Be Notified When My Music is Live in the Stores?

Unfortunately stores and streaming services do not provide an automated notifications system for when your music goes live in the stores. However, if you set a release date when uploading your release then it will…

Does RouteNote distribute audiobooks?

RouteNote cannot deliver audiobooks content to iTunes or the other stores. An audiobook is a recording of a published text being read. Audible.com is the company that has exclusive right to distribute audiobook content.

How many tracks can I upload to RouteNote for Digital Music Distribution?

Unlimited. Currently RouteNote doesn’t have a limit for how many tracks you are able to upload. However, with relation to tracks artists upload they must have full authority or ownership to designate copyright.

How long does it take before my music will be visible on our retail partners sites?

This option varies depending on which retail partner you have accepted. However, most retail partners normally work on a 1 – 2 week moderation process. RouteNote works on between 1 and 2 days moderation/admin process,…

When do I receive payment from RouteNote for My Music Sales and Streaming Royalties?

Once the balance on your Earnings page has reached the minimum threshold amount (USD$50), then you will receive the amount owed 45 days after the end of the month that the amount was earned in….

Can I Get Signed By A Record Label After I Have Signed Up To RouteNote?

Yes. RouteNote doesn’t tie up any of your rights. Thus, allowing you to sign with a record label after signing up to RouteNote.

How much does RouteNote Digital Music Distribution Cost?

RouteNote has 2 options for artists: 1. Free – Artists keeps 85% of the revenues. 2. Premium – $10 single, $20 EP, $30 album and $45 extended album. Then $9.99 annually. Artist keeps 100% of…

Is my Agreement and Relationship with RouteNote Exclusive?

No. Registering your songs with RouteNote does not inhibit your ability to get signed to a label. RouteNote will never prevent you from doing anything you want with your music. For YOUR sake, please note:…

FL Studio Gives RouteNote Some Music Promotion

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