Soundcloud Network is Growing Fast – Do You Want to Make Money on Soundcloud?

RouteNote is the first digital music distributor in the world to partner with Soundcloud for On Soundcloud. RouteNote’s Soundcloud Network is currently in private beta but if you would like to be included please email…

Can I Monetize My Music on YouTube By Myself Through YouTube Content ID?

To collect the most money from the use of your music in other people’s videos, you need access to YouTube’s system, and access is typically restricted to large labels, publishers and distributors. The YouTube Content…

RouteNote Partners With Soundcloud to Help Artists Make Money

TRURO – February. 06, 2015 —RouteNote has officially become the first digital music aggregator to join On SoundCloud, a move that presents its artists with exciting new opportunities with the leading audio and music platform….

Paypal: How to Claim Unclaimed Money/Royalties in your Paypal Account

Some RouteNote artists have been asking about their earnings and why they are unclaimed in the Paypal account. This issues happens when you have a paypal account in a different current to USD. Here’s how…

YouTube Music Key Beta – Is It Worth It?

The long awaited and much rumoured YouTube Music Key is here kind of… Currently in Beta, in UK, US, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Finland and Ireland, and it’s an invite only for the first six months…

Beggars Group will stop splitting streaming revenues with artists 50/50. Expect Less Money!

Beggars Group has just announced they will stop splitting streaming revenues with artists 50/50. “A record company such as us, needing to provide the services we do, cannot survive even paying artists 50% of net…

What is the difference between composition and sound recording royalties on YouTube?

A composition is made up of the music or melody and the accompanying lyrics of a song. The sound recording is the actual recording of that composition. Each represents a separate copyright. If you write…

Afrojack Talks About Monetizing Music, Future of Music and How He Used to Steal Music

Very interesting quick interview with Afrojack about his past and his music future.

Duff To Quit the Music Biz over Poor Album Sales

According to the Daily Mirror, a source close to the singer has said she’s finished, ready to ditch the music biz to “have babies, get ­married and live in the country” with her rugby boyfriend. Duffy wasnt very happy with her recent album’s sales performance.

List: 32 Ways Musicians Can Make Money

The Future of Music Coalition (FMC) has put together a great list of 32 ways musicians can make money.