Where to find images available for commercial use (album artworks).

There are many image banks via which you can find copyright free images for use as your cover art on RouteNote. We find Flickr to be one of the best places to find these images….

Difference Between PRS and PPL

The PRS and the PPL both collect music licensing fees on behalf of song writers, composers and publishers. The PRS collects and pay royalties to their members when their music is exploited in one of…

Turntable.fm and How They Deal with Music Licensing

Ever wondered how Turntable.fm looked after their music licensing, well here is how they do it. Turntable.fm co-founder sat down with Techcrunch to talk about the basics of Turntable and how they are just focused…

Grooveshark Signs Licensing Deal with Merlin, but After Another Litigation Issue

Grooveshark has been having a little trouble signing the major records labels to their service. It seems that the majors try suing Grooveshark first and then sign a license deal with them later. Merlin is the latest major music company to sign with Grooveshark.