Send a special message from James Blunt to your loved one this Valentine’s Day

‘I’m obsessed with you. In a kinda creepy way’ says the ‘You’re Beautiful’ singer in personalised voice messages for your loved ones this Valentine’s Day. The singer-songwriter lives in a special place in our hearts,…

James Blunt; “I’ll sing the Taleban Into Surrender”

Oh dear, sometimes pop stars make it far too easy for the public to absolutely rip them apart.
I actually quite like James Blunt. Not his music, obviously, I think his music is profoundly annoying and soulless.

James Blunt Embraces Facebook Places: A Good Reason Not To Use the Service

This is a really good reason not to use Facebook Places! Singer-songwriter James Blunt is set to be the first major artist in the U.K. to embrace Facebook Places.